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Singer 9960: Review The Best Sewing Machine In Its Category

Singer 9960: Review The Best Sewing Machine In Its Category

by Chriss Long
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The singer 9960 is an impressive sewing machine with a long list of electronic controlled features and all the accessories to sew quite everything from an embroidery scarf to upholstering, along with dresses,  garments and what not. Its built-in 600 stitches, automatic thread cutter, easy threader, cruise control, automatic tension are among the favorites.

This sewing machine is 4 star plus rated  by a hundreds of happy sewer. It is funny to read about ladies buying a new machine after 30 or 40 years and finding a sophisticated computerized age product that is so simple to use and do so wonderful things with such easiness. See the [easyazon-link asin=”B004RDH7Y8″ locale=”us”]low price of the Singer 9960[/easyazon-link] on Amazon.

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The singer 9960 is a reliable and robust machine intended for home usage. Of course it can sew delicate fabric but also heavy layers too from time to time. Beware that with any mechanics with moving parts, servicing, cleaning and oiling must be done regularly and after intensive usage. There is no exception for the Singer 9960. .

So whatever is your project, you will find the correct accessory that comes with the singer 9960 to do it. Nowadays these computerized sewing machine are so versatile in a way to stimulate your creativity. Any idea you have can be executed with this friendly machine. You would not find enough time to explore all the possibilities at hand.

As always Amazon has the best price on the market and the best return policy as a free insurance.  Right now the singer 9960 [easyazon-link asin=”B004RDH7Y8″ locale=”us”]is available at Amazon for just $329.99.[/easyazon-link] Click the list price on the image to the left to see the discount: 53%.

Singer 9960 Features In Short

From Singer website

-600 Built-in Stitches including Alphanumeric Stitches
-13 Fully Automatic Buttonholes
-1-Touch Electronic Automatic Thread Cutter
-Stitch Editing Capabilities to customize any project
-Large LCD Screen
-Extension Table for large projects
-Class 15J Bobbins
-25 Needle Positions for precise top stitching
-Extra-High Presser Foot Lifter for thick fabrics
-Drop Feed for free motion sewing
-Heavy Duty Metal Frame for skip-free sewing

This was a brief list of the Singer features. [easyazon-link asin=”B004RDH7Y8″ locale=”us”]See them in full at Amazon. Click here[/easyazon-link]


  • Impressive set of features
  • Reliable, easy to use
  • A lot of a machine for this price point
  • Can sew almost everything with the include accessory


  • Lack of knee pressure foot
  • Would like more memory.


Singer 9960 Reviews

The reviews below are excerpts coming from users on Amazon.  They are extracted and summarized as strong and pertinent points describing the reality of the Singer 9960. They come from pages of reviews saving you the time to read them and hopefully helping you to make up your mind about the machine. The good and the less good are there.

    • I had taught sewing and machine know how for many years. The Singer 9960 is an awesome machine!!!!! It sews beautifully and it runs very quiet. By Dawn Rosberg
    • You will have to refer to the manual a couple times, but it’s easy to read and helpful. Love it!
    • A great price for a machine loaded with options. My favorites are the needle threader and thread cutter.
    • I did have a question that I called the help line about. It took a while to get through, but once I did the customer rep was terrific and was able to answer my question.
    • The machine is extremely quiet, the manual easy to follow, and the controls easy to use. I have sewn several small projects since it arrived, and I am very happy with its performance.
    • Am completely satisfied with produce, price paid & super-fast shipping, as always, Amazon you are the best!
    • For the last 30 years, I’ve owned a Necchi sewing machine and have sewn everything from drapes to jeans. But now that I bought the Singer 9960, I cannot explain how happy I am with the machine. It is so easy to use! It was like going from a horse and buggy to a new car! By Jill Christopher Jaysee.
    • I have put it through its paces, utilizing a variety of stitches and sewing multiple layers of material and batting, and it just hummed along and did what it was supposed to do. By Judi Duvall
    • I think this machine is great. Easy to use. Love that it will sew by itself and cut the thread with a touch of a button. It threads easily and bobbin winding is good too.
    •  I’m having a blast learning all the different stitches and functions of the machine. I needed this machine years ago!
    •  Had some trouble with bobbin thread looping, should make sure everything is just the way it should be ,before getting worried rethread everything. By Granny Greene
    • Since 99.5% of the reviews were positive and similar reviews elsewhere were in line with those on here. I bit. Not only was the price appealing but all the features that were listed were a major selling point. By A.L.Lee Corporation
    •  No broken thread or needles and only a couple of times with jamming but entirely my fault, sewing light stretch with the wrong needle and stitch lol.
    • My only complaint has been about bobbin winding difficulties, but even that has been worked around.
    • Great machine for the price. The walking foot for quilting is awesome as is the thread cutter. Have used many of the decorative stitches. Still learning. By Joanne Guy
    • Well, never had a sewing machine with electronic controls; EVER. It was very intimidating to me. I like simplicity, so I was afraid because I thought this machine wouldn’t be simple, but it is, once you speak its language, which isn’t hard if you have used any sort of electronically controlled device before.
    • The decorative stitches are really fun! You don’t have to use them as is – you can edit them to make them longer, wider, reverse image, or even create and program in your own stitches.
    • The “cruise control” is amazing! I haven’t plugged in my foot pedal since I got the machine. I use the start/stop button and the speed gauge on the front of the machine to sew now.  By K Mallory
    • I’ve owned this machine for about a month and have sewed on it every day with no problems at all.
    • After the repair shop checked out the machine I was told that the Mother Board had gone and they contacted Singer for a replacement part and was told that it would take 8 to 12 weeks to get it. But the silver lining is I contacted Amazon where this was purchased and due to the fact that Singer could not get the part to me in a timely manner Amazon shipped me a NEW machine free of charge!!!! KUDOS to AMAZON!!!! I will do business with this Company any day. By F. Vaillancourt
    • My sewing teacher’s constantly bad mouth the Singer quality but I really wanted a computerized machine that didn’t cost $1,000… Clearly the opinions of my teachers were unfounded because if this isn’t good quality then I don’t know what is.
    • This is an excellent machine for the experienced sewer. No gimmicks and does straight forward what is required. Reliable and steady despite its outside plastic parts which they look quite resistant to wear and tear. By Esther Luiz

Read more [easyazon-link asin=”B004RDH7Y8″ locale=”us”]SINGER 9960 Reviews[/easyazon-link] on Amazon

The Singer 9960 in short

All in all, the Singer 9960 is a solid contender for the best sewing machine in its category and at this price point. Remember the rate is 4 Star plus voted by hundreds of reviewers. It has tons of features, more than say the Brother cs-6000i. Many owners of this machine are in love with this fabulous tool. It supports creativity and will give years of good service. In short, like a good friend.

singer 9960

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Get creative, get your dream sewing machine

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