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Embroidery Machine Thread: Best Rated Packages Review

Embroidery Machine Thread: Best Rated Packages Review

by Chriss Long
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 Machine Embroidery Thread.

Her are a few best rated and most reviewed machine embroidery  thread available at Amazon. An embroidery machine is hungry and it eats thread all day long. The user must provide for its bottomless appetite. So here are suggestions based on what users are rating higher and buying the most.


40 Large Spools


Machine embroidery  thread for Brother

You get 40 large 1100 yards spools of polyester Embroidery machine thread. These threads are the exact same color as the Brother Embroidery machine threads. Used them for doing Disney designs or whatever.

[easyazon-block align=”left” asin=”B0049O3PW8″ locale=”us”]Reviews from Amazon

These reviews are come form Amazon. We want to know if the buyers are happy, if the threads does not break and if it does not jam the machine.

Beautiful thread   5 Star Rated
Love this thread. It works up so well in my embroidery projects and matches the color chart that came with my machine.
By Denise Mcown

Nice assortments of colors  5 Star Rated

I purchased this set of embroidery thread when I purchased my Brother PE 770. I have used almost all the colors, and have had no problems with jams or thread breaks. There is a great assortment of colors. I can’t figure out how to get the thread to lock back on the spool when I am done using a certain color, so I just use a little tape on the bottom to hold it in place. Great product!

By Don LAffranchi jr

Excellent! Couldn’t be happier  5 Star Rated

I have a Brother SE-400 embroidery machine, and have had problems with threads jamming and breaking in the past. I have had ZERO problems with this thread. None whatsoever. The colors are great, the spools are nice and neat, and the thread is durable and flows through the machine like water.

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63 Brother Colors Machine Embroidery Thread

This comes with 63  spools of 550 yards each. These spools are in 40 weight polyester. The thread colors match Brother embroidery machine. Great if you use Disney design patterns.

[easyazon-block align=”left” asin=”B005GYJZMY” locale=”us”]Reviews from Amazon.

Again, we want to find a majority of happy campers. And find out if the thread is loved by the machine.

Great price and quality 5 Star Rated

I highly recommend this set. The selection of colors is great and it’s high quality thread. I’ve done over 50,000 stitches so far without a single break. It is worth noting the spools are shipped loose in a box. There is no stand/case included.

By Bradford Lumley

So far so good  4 Star Rated

I just got my new machine and so far no broken thread. I love the color selection but found one istance in which a number that should have been a creamy brown was a yellow. Once opened the thread is loose with nothing to keep it from unwinding. I used tape inside the bottom of the spool and it worked okay. The price was great and the thread seems to be strong. I can tell the difference when threading between this and Gutermann but for the price I am pleased.

By Trappin Gramma

Perfect  5 Star Rated

I had been wanting to get this set of embroidery thread, but the cost from Brother was prohibitive. Imagine my delight when I saw this on Amazon at such a great bargain. Now color selection is a breeze for my Brother embroidery machine. Even with other brands of embroidery thread, it’s easy to tell what is similar. I am very satisfied with both the purchasing experience as well as the product.

By Sharon Dulcich

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120 Spools Rayon Machine embroidery  Thread

A  fabulous package for the happy embroider. Imagine having 120 colors you can choose from with this gorgeous set. This set has 120 large spools of Rayon 4o weight embroidery machine thread. These spools contains 1100 yards. Works fantastic with all popular embroidery machine brands, including Babylock, Singer, Brother, Janome, Pfaff, Bernina, White and more… (Sorry but the thread rack is not included)

[easyazon-block align=”left” asin=”B0034A4P4A” locale=”us”]Reviews from Amazon.

There is not much reviews from this product at the time of this writing, but let us see if the product is worth it.

Lots of colors to choose from  5 Star Rated

This is a great setup for a vibrant color selection of threads. They were packaged well too. Get the spool rack to make it easy to choose the perfect color.

120 Spools Rayon Thread  5 Star Rated

Was very excited to receive this as I recently purchased my wife a home embroidery machine. So many colors at a great price, and thrilled that they are Rayon (vs. polyester). There is no lock to hold the thread end, but took an x-acto knife, and cut a slit in the base of each spool. No problems. Can take some time to get the thread started (unwound from manufacturer), but after 4 or 5 spools, was able to do it quickly. Great product and will buy again when this runs out.

By Brock Delia-Shea

Great Selection of Colors     4 Star Rated

I love this thread and it would have received 5 stars except that the labels on the bottom of spools won’t stay on. If there is a particular color I want to replace, I have no way of knowing the color code. Works on my embroidery machine beautifully though, and I would order it again.

If you want to read more reviews, click here. It goes to Amazon




Machine embroidery  thread in short.

It seems that choosing Embroidery machine thread is a no brainer.  Just find the best rated and the most reviewed items. The most common is polyester thread 40 weight. But it must be made for embroidery machine. And of course checking the price. But Amazon usually has great price and often in sale.


There are some more thread packages available at Amazon. Click here to access the page.

The se400 Brother embroidery machine just loves to eat polyester thread. But you must see what the machine is doing with it. Check the review on this site. Click Brother se400

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